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Our Team

Passionate, dedicated, and loving, all Abacus Nursery staff members love their work and it shows in everything they do.

Our goal is to make a positive difference to all of the children who come to our Nursery.

Manager & Safeguarding Lead - Sophie

Deputy Manager & SENCO - Jordyn

Baby & Toddler Room Supervisor- Michelle

Toddler & Pre School Room Supervisor- Natalie 

Support Supervisors - Mia G & Charlene

Practitioners & Assistants - Kira, Milly, Sophie M, Ringla, Karen & Rachael

Apprentices - Jadia & Anais

Cook - Fiona

Relief Staff- Mia P



Nursery Manager

Sophie has been with Abacus for many years, and then stepped into the role of Manager.

Sophie is our Safeguarding Lead at Abacus, and has completed her post grad in Early Years, so has a huge amount of current knowledge. She is a fun and energetic individual and is a valued member of the Abacus team.

In her spare time Sophie enjoys going to the theatre and visiting the Zoo!



Deputy Manager & SENCO

Jordyn is a fun and sporty member of our Abacus team. She is our SENCO and is always on hand to help and support any parents and children who need it. 

Jordyn is also the EAL leader, and sets an EAL song of the month for the children to enjoy and learn.  

In her spare time, Jordyn enjoys playing football and going for welly walks!



Baby & Toddler Room Supervisor

Michelle has over 15 years of experience in the early years sector, and has a passion for working in the Baby Room. 
Michelle is the Funky Fingers Lead, and through providing Funky Fingers activities, supports the children with developing their fine and gross motor skills.
Michelle is also very passionate about Role play, and has developed this for the children upstairs. 
In her spare time Michelle enjoys going for long walk in the hills and spending time at the Beach!

IMG_20240124_105502_778 (1).jpg


Toddler & Pre-School Room Supervisor

Natalie has lots of experience in the early years sector, and is great at supporting all children with different transitions in their life. 
She has a passion for singing and signing, and role playing with the children. She is also very passionate about supporting children with SEND needs, and uses her knowledge and skills to support all children at Abacus. 
In her spare time Natalie enjoys spending time camping with her children, and listening to live music.

Mia G.jpg


Toddler & Pre-School Room Support Supervisor 

Mia is a huge part of Abacus, and has been with us for many years. She is dedicated to helping all children explore and develop in a nurturing environment.
Mia is the Forest School leader and takes the children on regular trips to our local care home to see their residents and the Guinea Pigs!
In her spare time, Mia enjoys swimming in the sea, and spending time with her little cousins!



Baby & Toddler Room Support Supervisor  

Charlene is a passionate member of Abacus, who has worked here for many years.
She is always happy, and singing and dancing with the children.
Charlene leads Yoga and Cooking sessions and is an enthusiastic member of our team.
In her spare time, Charlene enjoys walking her dogs in the woods, and going Paddle boarding!



Based in: The Baby & Toddler Room

Kira is a calm and gentle practitioner, who enjoys messy play alongside the children. She is also very creative and enjoys reading stories with the children.

Kira is the lead for Story Scribing in the Baby & Toddler Room, she creates some amazing imaginative stores with the children. 

In her spare time Kira enjoys going to the beach and doing Ballroom and Latin dancing!



Based in: The Toddler & Pre-School Room

Milly is a fun, bubbly and very energetic member of Abacus.

She loves singing, dancing, and having fun with the children.

Milly also leads Cooking sessions for the Toddler & Pre-School room. 

She has a degree in Psychology, and puts what she learnt on her degree in to practice at Abacus!

In her spare time, Milly enjoys going swimming, and baking delicious brownies and cakes!

Sophie M.jpg

Sophie M

Based in: The Toddler & Pre-School Room

(Sophie is currently on Maternity leave)

Sophie has a calm approach to everything she does, and is brilliant at helping to nurture all children.

She loves to read stories to the children, and uses this to link in with being the Story Scribing lead of the Toddler & Pre-School room. 

In her spare time, Sophie enjoys playing with her cats, and visiting London!



Based in: The Baby & Toddler Room

Ringla has been at Abacus for a short time, but is already enjoying doing lots of outdoor play with the children, and helping the children with learning new Maths skills.

Ringla has enjoyed joining in with our 'Mini Footy' sessions with Coach Andy!

In her spare time, Ringla enjoys going on walks, and playing football for a women's football team. 



Based in: The Toddler & Pre-School Room

Karen enjoys joining in with role play alongside the children, and doing small group activities. 

Karen is the Funky Fingers Lead, and through providing Funky Fingers activities, supports the children with developing their fine and gross motor skills.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys crocheting and going on long hikes!

IMG_20240124_105502_778 (1).jpg


Based in: The Toddler & Pre-School Room

Rachael enjoys joining in with circle times with the children and loves to read imaginative stories.
Although fairly new to Abacus, Rachael has settled in really well and is already enjoying having fun everyday with the children.  
She has a passion for messy play, and particularly enjoys creating water play based activities for the children to enjoy!
In her spare time, Rachael enjoys reading books and going for walks.



Based in: The Baby & Toddler Room

Jadia is currently undertaking her Apprenticeship at Abacus and is already thriving in all she does. 
She enjoys spending time outside with the children and helping them with their physical development. 
Jadia loves to join in with our 'Music Bugs' sessions each week!
Jadia sets a book and a song of the month for Abacus and enjoys sharing these with the children. 
In her spare time, Jadia enjoys watching live music and going for long walks with her dog and her friends!



Based in: The Toddler & Pre-School Room

Anais is currently undertaking her Apprenticeship at Abacus and is already blossoming in all she does. She enjoys spending time building with the children and supporting them with their Maths development.

Anais is the Yoga leader for the Toddler & Pre-school room, and carries out yoga sessions with the children on a weekly basis. 

In her spare time, Anais enjoys spending time with her sisters, and also enjoys Skiing holidays!



Nursery Cook

Fiona is our cook at Abacus Nursery, and she enjoys making nutritious, healthy, homecooked meals for the children to enjoy each day!

Fiona has her Food Hygiene Certificate, and Allergy Awareness Certificate. 

In her spare time, Fiona enjoys visiting National Trust properties, and reading books! 

Abacus Nursery has a 5 Star Food Hygiene rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mia P.jpg

Mia P

Supply Staff

Mia worked at Abacus for many years before deciding she wanted to spend more time at home with her family, and joined our Supply Team. 

We love it when Mia comes back to help out and the children love seeing her.

In her spare time, Mia enjoys playing with her Guinea Pigs, and going on road trips!

Our Team: Our Team
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